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Our Jukeboxes have been voted the best on the coast even by other competitors

We Guarantee you won’t find any other Jukebox or Karaoke Jukebox like it

Twin Screen Karaoke Jukebox – $250 / $350 delivered

Jukebox (without karaoke) – $200 / $300 delivered

Special offer: disco lights package for above, normally $95 - only $40


Delivered price includes delivery, set up, instruction, dismantle and collection within our delivery ZONE A of the Sunshine Coast. (Refer to price list on home-page)

We will match any other price for a similar product
Our Karaoke Jukeboxes have over 16,000 songs


Hosted Karaoke or DJ shows are $150 per hour

please Email darryl@capitalkaraoke.com.au or text/phone 0417 712401



 Our digital jukeboxes/dj systems have over 8,500 songs, “There’s a Song For Everyone”. The song list has been chosen by the Sunshine Coasts top 3 dj’s. The incredible song range goes from the 50’s to date. If there is a song you'd like to have on the jukebox we will add it at no extra charge.  We update every month, so whether it’s a golden oldie or a top ten chartbuster we will be sure to have it.

Our awesome karaoke jukeboxes have over 8,500 karaoke tracks that feature professional quality instrumentals with the words on screen changing colour to keep you in time.  The songlist has been chosen by 2 of the Sunshine Coasts top karaoke hosts and feature an incredible range of songs which are also updated  monthly. They have twin screens, one for the singer and one for the audience to join in. They come with 2 pro quality Shure microphones with effects to make you sound like a star.   You just choose the song from the songbook, punch in the number and press play, punch in the next number and press program and so on to program your night’s music, you can program up to 6 hours ahead.  

The jukebox section has an incredible selection of over 7,500 songs and is updated monthly.  There's a song for everyone.

The base unit is a very powerful 400 watt pro quality speaker which is suitable for either home or large venue use.




 The digital jukebox is very easy to use provided you know how to use a computer (if you don't we can hire you the karaoke jukebox at the jukebox price)  The screen has 3 boxes, from the left box you select the decade/genre or a premade playlist, a particular artist or the whole library.  Once selected the whole range of songs from that decade/genre etc will appear in the centre box.  All you do is drag and drop your choice of songs into the right box and hit autoplay.  

The program we use has an autofade which eliminates the gap between songs and mixes the incoming song whilst the outgoing song is fading out, it’s just like having a DJ at your party.  The intellijuke has a "save to list" feature so you can make up your own playlists and save them. On the night you don't have to do anything... just one click and your playlist autoplays.  At no extra charge, we are happy to make up your playlists for you.  It also features a search button and a random play from the specific genre/decade that you select.  It has a tamper proof feature so your music choice is not interfered with.  The front screen is an awesome psychedelic pattern generator guaranteed to make you dance.

The base unit is a very powerful 400 watt pro quality speaker which is suitable for either home or large venue use.

This is without doubt the most intelligent jukebox on the coast and it's so simple to use!.

Why not add a $95 disco light package for only $40 when you hire a karaoke jukebox or jukebox

Additional extras:
Third microphone: $10...Twin radiomic $40...Fog machine $35

Extra powered speaker (for larger venues or foldback): $80

Interested in hiring from us for one of your special events?
Email us or phone 07 5443 7155 / 0417 712 401